Send Me a Pair of Old Boots & Kiss My Little Girls

BootsCoverMedSend Me a Pair of Old Boots & Kiss My Little Girls: The Civil War Letters of Richard and Mary Watkins, 1861-1865

“Boots & Kisses is, without a doubt, the best transcription of Confederate war letters that I have ever had the pleasure of reading.”  

Major Troy D. Marshall                                           –  Director – New Market Battlefield

The rarest item in Civil War literature is a major collection of husband and wife letters.  This is only the seventh major collection ever published and is the fourth Confederate.  Women’s letters went to the front, were used for campfires and toilet paper, and were lost to history.  Richard and Mary’s letters were donated to the Virginia Historical Society in 1928 and sat in boxes waiting for me for 79 years.

Richard and Mary Watkins wrote more than 300 letters to each other that span virtually the entire conflict.  This is a heartfelt, intimate and personal collection by two remarkable individuals.  You will be fascinated by the humor, depth and stark realities of the Watkin’s lives.

Roy Fleming of Winston-Salem, NC noted that, “Boots & Kisses, like a fine cup of tea, is steeped with romance, adventure & drama . . . Knowing it is true, and all first hand, just adds to the excitement.”

Russ Smith in his review in the The Free Lance – Star of Fredericksburg, Virginia, noted that “Boots & Kisses deserves a wide audience . . . these letters recount a true love story and, at the same time, reveal rich details of everyday life in war-torn Virginia.”


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