This is my good friend Princess Blondie.  She is my next door neighbor and thinks of me as her ‘boy toy’ or at least her ‘tennis ball tossing buddy.’

I graduated from Missouri State University in Springfield, Missouri, more years ago than I care to remember.  I majored in Business Management and minored in American History.  In 2003 I started collecting the ‘voices’ of farmers, housewives, privates, chaplains, nurses, clerks, nuns & riverboatmen to tell the story of 1864-1865 in the Confederacy.  I wanted to provide a look from the bottom up and intentionally did not use the ‘voices’ of politicians, generals, and civilians at the top of the food chain.  My books do not study battles and tactics but instead feature the intimate thoughts shared between family and friends.  The concept took off and books 2 and 3 followed in 2006 and 2009 as I found remarkable unpublished letters, diaries, and journals with stories to share.  I call them ‘voices’ and I am confident they will speak to you as they have to me.